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J. Pasila dvaldi í septembermánuði, teiknaði og vann í ljósmyndun með margs konar tækni.

"Using various tools, J. traces books from a selection of personal and public libraries.

Systematically removing each book from its shelf, tracing, and then replacing it, she carefully draws its edges, layering outlines to create ghostly reverberations. Though the specific design of each cover is eliminated through this process, titles retain their subject.

In tandem, her digital photos and photograms capture the seemingly blank surfaces of the inside of paper book jackets. The age, wear and tonal quality within the anonymous interior surface of these papers is documented as a nuanced digital image. As photograms, these are reduced to simple contours in black and white at 1:1 scale."


These works capture the residues, after the creative efforts of the individual are exhausted, or released into the world as ‘things’



Norðurgata 7b,
580 Siglufjörður