Application form

Application for residency.

Date of allocation is February 1st for the summer (june-august).


Date of Birth: Nationality:






How did you find us? ....please tell us in few words:

I herby apply for the residency for the following period:

1. if not available then


___I am prepared to introduce my work to the public at the end of my stay.

___I the undersigned have read the regulations for Herhúsid the artist apartment and agree to abide by them in all respects and vacate the studio at the arranged date.

Please enclose with your application, a portfolio and CV:

5-10 recent work samples on CD or as attachment. List of exhibitions and if available some critics.A short letter, describing your work / project in Herhusid

Important information:

Send the application by mail or e-mail.Monthly fee is 400 €. The fee must be paid three months prior the stay.Deposit is 30 € and will be returned when the occupier vacates the premises, provided that they are left in the same condition as when the occupier arrived Any delay on paying the confirmation fee can result in cancellation of the applicants stay.

Signature: Date:


Norðurgata 7b,
580 Siglufjörður